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Digital Transformation Consulting Services

digital transformation consulting

Digital Transformation Consulting

With a well-crafted digital transformation strategy, you can gain a competitive advantage.

Buchprufer Consultant, a global digital technology consultancy, provides you with strong digital capabilities to help you navigate your digital transformation journey smoothly. We take a pragmatic approach to digital transformation at Buchprufer, developing a digital agenda based on customer research and insights, emerging market trends and analysis, and technology audits.


Use the power of digital transformation to innovate more effectively.

COVID-19 has changed many scenarios for many industries, especially now that many employees work from home, so handling high volumes of online transactions has become a challenge. Hence Digital transformation is now more of a necessity than a luxury for many companies. Buchprufer provides a wide range of digital transformation solutions, including robotic process automation (RPA) and Microsoft solutions such as O365 integration, Sharepoint integration and development, and Power Platforms.

The adoption of digital workplaces is the starting point for digital transformations. With the help of technology, your teams can easily collaborate remotely from anywhere in the world. Because of the current global situation, investment in such digital workplaces is encouraged even more.

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    What we offer?


    With the rapid development of business tools and applications, capturing and interpreting disparate data streams has become a difficult task. In recent years, Buchprufer has assisted many companies across industries in implementing digital transformations. Robotic process automation (RPA) is the most popular and widely used digital transformation process (DTP). To effectively execute a business process, the software, or “bots,” emulate human actions, capture data, and manipulate applications.

    RPA+OCR Solution

    With our built-in RPA and OCR solutions, you can automate most of your manual work with ERP solutions, resulting in fast, accurate, and efficient workflow output. Our team has the knowledge and experience to assist you in locating the best ERP for your business. We can help you meet all your HR, management, analytics, financial, accounting, and centralized reporting needs while also improving overall efficiency through process streamlining.

    Internet of Things Powered Solutions

    An IoT system typically includes a plethora of small, embedded sensors capable of collecting and transmitting data across a wide range of devices. We assist you in obtaining information that is provided in real-time and is highly accurate, allowing businesses to see where they may need to make changes and improvements to their products and processes that are updated regularly.

    One of the use cases, we can proudly project Is a IoT powered logistics and freight management solutions. With sensors to monitor parameters like temperature, humidity and shock and tags to track crates and pallets, we can successfully integrate a normal logistics management software with this advanced technology-based solutions.

    Artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize the professional services industry. Its main goals are to use computer power to augment human thinking and to use computer power to understand how humans think. Cognitive science is the application of AI to understanding the human mind by testing programs for their ability to solve problems. We at Buchprufer, will assist you in adopting AI across a variety of sectors and applications.

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    We offer digital transformation consulting services in Canada. Our experts use highly experienced digital transformation Techniques. Our consultants design and implement a customized package of business analysis for each client. 

    Our specialized digital transformation analysis and process consultation services are tailored to your organization’s specific wants and needs. Do you require skilled digital business consultants in Canada? Please contact our experts as soon as possible!