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IT Services

IT Audit Assessment Services in Canada

IT Audit Assessment Services

Every day, the information technology industry evolves rapidly, making it critical for any business to stay current on all the latest developments. As a result of the pandemic, new trends emerge, and IT audit services in Abu Dhabi are no exception. There have been numerous inventive approaches to the same. Buchprufer offers IT Audit & Assessment professionals who can assist you in effectively combating risks and threats while protecting your data. We’ve noticed a shift in the last few months as more clients request remote and online IT audit and assessment services in Canada.

A technological audit can assess a company’s internal operations, external threat protection, and compliance with national and international legal requirements. Our qualified IT auditors can help you run your business at peak efficiency and, more importantly, with peace of mind. This includes consulting with your team members, developing a risk management plan, and providing solutions. Our staff can help you determine the best industry or sector for your company and, using their extensive industry and government compliance knowledge can assist you in complying with all regulations. All of them are possible with complete non-touch remote online assistance.

Seamless audit process infused with innovative technology.

Why is a technical Audit required?

A technological audit may uncover flaws before you experience problems and lose visibility. Identifying these issues makes them easier to address. An expert audit will assist you in determining what is causing your website’s value to decline and will advise you on how to resolve any issues. 

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    We offer

    Complete IT Audit & Assessment

    Our audits experts make sure that their systems are uncompromised and that your employees are up-to-date on their cybersecurity know-how.

    Cyber Security & Risk Assessment

    Our experts understand the company's cybersecurity processes and controls to identify gaps in them and make recommendations for strengthening them.

    Vulnerability & Penetration Testing

    We ensure the efficacy of internal vulnerability assessments and management controls by identifying known software vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in an organization's systems.

    Data Privacy & Security Solutions

    We help organizations protect internal controls and data in their technology systems by identifying weaknesses and developing strategies to prevent security breaches.

    Business Continuity Planning

    Our expert audit team should evaluate the plan's performance and ensure that the business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR), We ensure processes meet organizational standards.

    ISO Compliances

    Our expert team evaluates cybersecurity tools, practices, and policies to ensure an organization meets safety requirements. The audit is conducted by a certification body or organization.

    Gap Analysis

    We focus on what was missing in the processes compared to a set of requirements (typically before implementation takes place), while we ensured an internal audit was centered on verifying that the process conformed.

    IT Audit Compliance provider in Canada

    Data Security Services

    As a cybersecurity consultant in Canada, we assist our clients in taking a strategic approach to cybersecurity, thereby lowering the risks associated with it. We can assist you in aligning your security program to achieve specific business results by utilizing our comprehensive array of strategy and technology service capabilities. We believe we have the depth of knowledge and technical experience in-house to address information security issues in both information and operational technologies.


    Forensic and Fraud Investigation in Cyberspace

    Our digital forensic investigation team leads and supports cases involving fraud, information leakage, malware attacks, unauthorized access, and fraudulent financial transactions, among other things. Your digital forensic technologies protect, record, and fully analyze digital evidence from across your entire IT infrastructure. Cellphones, laptops, workstations, fax machines, printers, servers, and entire network systems may be included.


    Vulnerability and penetration testing (VAPT) is critical for any organization, large or small. It enables them to remain steadfast in the face of genuine cyberattacks and assists them in identifying their vulnerabilities and vulnerable areas. This test will expose the flaws in all of your IT assets, including servers, computers, firewalls, and networks.

    ISO Certification

    Buchprufer assists you in obtaining and complying with various ISO certifications. ISO, or the International Standards Organization, is an independent organization that provides standards for other organizations. The quality, safety, and efficiency of a company’s services or goods are examples of standards.

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    We offer technical auditing consulting services in Canada. For each client, our highly experienced technical auditing consultants use their expert knowledge to design and implement a customized package of business analysis services. 

    Our specialized technical auditing analysis and technical auditing consultation services are tailored to your organization’s specific wants and needs. Do you require expert technical auditors in Canada? Please contact our experts as soon as possible!