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IT Services

RPA in Finance & Accounting

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"Redefine Financial Operations: Explore RPA's Intelligent Touch."

RPA makes operations-driven innovation possible, which lowers expenses, speeds up finance processing, and lowers risk while increasing accuracy and freeing up your team to concentrate on strategic, high-value tasks. The cloud-based solutions that are now widely used have opened the business environment to be outside of physical spaces. Companies are finding it more and more difficult to enforce industry and worldwide standards for regulatory compliance. RPA can assist you in ensuring that accounting regulations and best practices are implemented accurately and consistently.

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    Our Services

    Implementation and Configuration

    If you are new to enterprise resource planning, our experts assist you in determining the best ERP solution for your company. We provide Examining your business processes and requirements, understand your company and its data, and Choose Examining your business processes and requirements, and choose the best ERP software for your requirements and budget to choose experience with leading ERP software to find a solution that meets your operational objectives.

    Gap Analysis and Customization

    When it comes time for your company to upgrade your ERP software, our expert consultants ensure a smooth transition by providing We ensure that the upgraded software's impact evaluations, existing configurations, and customizations are tested. In Gap Analysis & Customization, we provide performance and stress testing, as well as planning for deployment, risk mitigation, and execution.

    ERP Add-Ons, Customization & Development

    You can apply unique rules and validations to your ERP using our bespoke ERP application add-ons. We understand that each client's requirements are different. While some ERP systems are instantly deployable, they may not immediately align with the needs of your business. Our consultants implement customized ERP systems. Customization processes involve substantial coding modifications of an existing platform-based or custom enterprise resource planning system in line with an owner's vision and best industry practices.

    Full-Fledged Training

    Our dedication to your success does not end with the installation of your system. Our consultant team provides training and support services such as end-user training before deployment, Training in system administration and maintenance, Help with user acceptance testing, hyper-care post-deployment, and ongoing ERP solution support. Buchprufer change agents mentor your team and the user community. We also develop strong capabilities that allow your team's performance to significantly improve. 

    Implementation and Configuration

    Our ERP implementation and deployment process promotes robust execution, our expertise uses SAP, SAGE, and Microsoft Dynamics. Our implementation considers- Business assessments are used to determine specific requirements, Configuration of the entire system, comprehensive unit, and integration testing to ensure your ERP system is bug-free and ready for deployment. Our Process flows are tailored to your business processes for each business function.

    From capturing the invoice through scanning, transforming, and automatically upload data from paper invoices into the ERP system to creating the invoice from unstructured data to creating the invoice in an accounting system and generating reports, RPA plays a crucial role in capturing invoice data within the ERP system, enabling companies to exert strict control over administrative and financial operations while automating routine tasks in Shared Services.

    RPA is instrumental in streamlining the entire billing process, effectively minimizing errors, and significantly reducing turnaround time by nearly 25%. RPA has the capability to receive Purchase Orders (POs), promptly alert the appropriate personnel about any exceptions, automatically collect data for received and processed POs, verify vendor accuracy and allowable amount variances, generate a log for exceptions, and promptly notify stakeholders via email. Also, relevant data from the Purchase Order (PO) received from the vendor can be updated in the enterprise systems as a new record.

    RPA can help download the journal vouchers, process them automatically, and confirm the data accuracy and format. It can schedule an automated email to the appropriate approvers, and upon acceptance, upload the journal voucher to the relevant business system general ledger accounts and

    notify the submitter of the journal voucher’s status and keep it in a format that has been predetermined.


    In the case of asset capitalization, it can automate a lot of tasks, including creating assets in ERP, posting assets in ERP, approving them in DMS, and reporting. Produce reports automatically that include tracking data across several contact points, such as the Capital WIP Report, Depreciation, Comparison, and Shift Factor Update reports.

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    At Buchprufer Solutions, we offer cutting-edge RPA solutions that can revolutionise your processes. Our software robots can efficiently handle repetitive tasks, improve accuracy, reduce risk, and enhance overall productivity, allowing your team to focus on strategic and high-value activities.

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